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First update of the year.

Hello people. Long time no see!

Well, I know I’m late with this; too late actually but I wish you all a happy new year! I hope 2013 will bring lots of luck, health and happiness for everybody :)
I will post another update somewhere later this week :)

Bye bye for now!

No, this journal is not dead.

I just don't know what to post.

My plans update: A great start

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Title says a lot already. I had a great start with all the plans I made:

I got a job! I had a job interview on the 13th and my one month training period starts upcoming Monday. Oh yeah, I’m going to be a letter carrier. If I won’t fail the training period that is. It’s going to be hard since carrying mail around can be heavy and my condition still needs some work but I’m going to try my very best though. I’m looking forward to my first working day!

This brings me to the second point by the way. For delivering mail you need a bike.

I have been practicing with cycling and it’s going very well! I got on the bike again about 2 weeks ago. It was the first time again since 8 years and it’s true what they say: You never forget how to ride a bike. However, I still get tired kind of fast and my legs don’t quite agree with me going around town cycling every day…but they must get used to it! Oh well, I’m sure this will get better as soon as I have to deliver mail.

Furthermore and I know that this may sound a bit stupid for someone who is already 21 years old but I’m learning how to cook. I couldn’t learn this sooner because we have a gas stove here at home and I’m terrified of fire. But I have a little electric cooker now which gives me the change to finally learn it.

And about all the other things I want to do this year: I’m working on those things too of course. I only paid some more attention to finding a job and riding a bike ;) More art is next I tell you!

(: I will keep updating about everything :)


2000 + 12 = 2012

Hello everybody,

The first month of the year has past so it’s about time I post something here again. Oof, January always seems like such a long month.

Anyways, I have a lot of plans for 2012! 2011 wasn’t a very good year for me even though it had a lot of fun moments. A lot of bad things happened too like discovering something I didn’t want to know, a tremendous artblock, money issues, mental and physical health problems etc. Now I don’t want to bore somebody so I will spare you all the details.
The most important thing is that I’m going to try my very best to get everything back on track again to improve all the annoying situations. Things that are on my list to change and/or to do:

-Getting a Job It’s the only way to solve the money issues ;) I want a job so badly and I’m sure I will find a nice one soon. Wish me luck!
-Spend more time on art This speaks for itself :D I’m going to try to improve a lot this year, putting more emotion and feeling in it and I’m going to try out new things too. You can read more about it on my deviantART account.
-Enjoying my hometown some more I never really liked the place I live in. I mean, it’s not bad. There are a lot of nice places and the shopping center is just gorgeous in my opinion but sometimes I just don’t feel comfortable here. However, I really want to make the best of it so I’m planning to join some events, visiting some more pretty places and enjoy other things that this city has to offer. I’m sure it isn’t so bad here as I think it is.
-Learn how to ride a bike Well actually, I do know how to ride one but because of back troubles I just couldn’t ride a bike anymore. However, my muscles are way stronger now then a couple of years ago so I’m just going to try it again…I need one to get to work you know.
-Learning a lot more Because I still have so much to learn…don’t we all actually? :)
-Spend more time with friends Seriously…I spend so much time on other things I hardly speak to them anymore. I feel like a bad friend :\ So sorry *big hug to all* I just don’t want to be a bother.
-Mastering the Musical Saw Now don’t look at me with a what the fuck face D: Yes, I’m learning how to play the musical saw. I already fell in love with this instrument when I was 5 years old. Now I have a professional musical saw my own. I got it last year when I turned 21 and I hope to improve my playing this year. I’m also learning how to read music :)
-Pulling myself together To keep a long story short -> cut the crap, take care of myself, turn negative thoughts into positive ones and kick ‘the black dog’ away.

Are those good plans or are those good plans? :D
I want my friends and family to be proud of me :)
And now I feel stupid for sounding so mushy XD

Anyways, that’s all for now. I probably had more to tell though but I forgot, lol. I will try my best to update here regularly by the way to keep you up-to-date about everything. I will post it on other sites too like facebook and twitter for instance.
Feel free to keep in touch with me one way or another. I like that :)

See you later

-end of Para’s journal post-


Happy Holidays!

Merry Christmas and a happy New Year everybody!
I hope you all have a great time.

Writer's Block: And the forecast is…

What’s your favorite kind of weather?
My favourite kind of weather would be storm. I just love the sound of rain pouring down on my windows, the sound of thunder roaring through the air and the cold wind blowing around my house. It gives me inspiration to draw and to write. It also helps me to relax from time to time. Even when I have to go outside to run some errands I don’t mind if the weather is stormy. I just love it.

Annoying spam

I keep getting all kinds of spam messages. On Twitter and also here on livejournal. I's so annoying =.= Things about flu, plastic surgery, dating sites etc. What's the use of it anyways? It's also a waste of my time to delete/hide/report/block or whatever those comments and messages.
I could have done so much more in those minutes! Lol xD

Sorry about ranting a bit but I just can't stand it.

...Still just to say something fun: It's about 1:50 AM here at the moment...and I'm baking cookies, yay! xD


Long time.

I haven't been here in ages.
I want to start posting things again but no idea about what. My life is boring and messed up and I can't make anything of it xD

Soooo, how have you all been?


Just a quick post

It has been ages again since I posted something here. I have been very busy (yeah right. I just keep forgetting about lj). Just posting this now to make clear that I’m not dead x]


Anyways, I have been tagged a lot on DA so I’m going to post some of those tags here again so I can link back to them. So be prepared \8D/

…Argh, I’m using that \8D/ emoticon to much.  But he is funny.


*doesn’t know what to say anymore*


How have you all been? :3


Yeah, I bought some things!

Argh, I just can’t keep my promise. I said I would update my journal more often but for some reason I keep forgetting it all the time. I hate my bad memory. There is always something that I can’t keep in mind. However…sometimes things come back into my head all of a sudden so here I am again, lol.

I actually wanted to post this three weeks ago but guess what! I had forgotten all about it XD


Anyways, as some people know, I’m a huge Tamagtochi fan and I was able to order the anime movie about it that I wanted for so long, w00t! I also bought a Tamagotchi Version 5 which I also wanted so badly <3

I already have them now for a couple of weeks and I must say that I enjoyed the movie more then I would have thought because it isn’t in Japanese. They translated it to English which I usually don’t like especially because they always ruining the songs that way! Haha, actually, the only reason I wanted the movie so badly is because my favourite Tamagotchi character plays in it x) And he had a lot of screen time, it’s a miracle! (most character I like only have minor rolls)

Another miracle is that the Tamagotchi V5 I bought is still alive, lol. It’s a family and it goes on generation to generation. I’m raising generation number 6 now, hurray x’)


Oh, I was also able to buy a gameboy advance game about a cartoon I like XD Yeah Fosters home for Imaginary Friends! It has cute characters in it. Lol, I was able to play the whole game about it in three hours O.o Oh well, it was fun to play.

Which brings me to the end of this post and for the people who would like to know, these are the things I talked about:

Yeah, click here for Tamagotchi and Imaginary FriendsCollapse )



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